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Re: mu'qaD veS (was Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey)

From: "...Paul" <>
> BTW, is { yuQ latlh } correct, or is { latlh } supposed to be used more
> like a number, in which case it would be { latlh yuQ }?

/latlh yuQ/ "another planet" is correct.  We have canon examples (that I
can't look up now!) that show this to be correct.

> mutIchmeH targhwIj laH QaQ law' laHlIj QaQ puS.  chaq 'oH rurmeH tuq
> DeghlIj DachoHnISmoH?  :)

toH.  SoHvaD potlhba' targhlIj quv.  Dutlhej'a' je bIQongtaHvIS?

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