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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

At 7:58 PM -0500 11/19/02, Alan Anderson wrote:
>You keep saying you don't want to see Klingon diverge, but you also keep
>saying you want someone other than its creator to develop it.

This is how I've been reading it...  Paul basically wants someone who'll
spend more time developing the language than Marc at the helm?  Great,
but it's Marc's baby.

>Here's one point nobody has yet made clear:  We have an implicit goal of
>making sure it's possible for someone to learn to speak what we consider to
>be intelligible Klingon using only the Okrand-written materials.

This is why I commented on Esperanto; if the point is to allow anyone to
speak it, anywhere in the world, it needs to remain relatively static as
far as grammar etc.

Of course, new words will and should probably be added, but that's what
the Esperanto committee is there for, and what Marc is there for in the
case of Klingon.

Paul, if you're really serious about your ideas, you should try to
contact and convince Marc to allow other people to expand the language
in his stead.  Just don't expect that he'll say yes.
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