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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

ja'pu' David Trimboli:
>There ARE other groups that speak or would be interested in speaking
>Klingon.  The KLI doesn't have some sort of monopoly on the language.  The

ja' ...Paul:
>Yeah, but then you get into that problem of divergence.

va.  ngoQHeyvam DamaqtaHqu', 'ach latlh DamaqtaH je:  tlhIngan Hol
'ItlhchoHmoH Dol pIm 'e' DapoQ.  quqmeH ngoQmeyvam, Marc Okrand
numHa'nISlu' (Viacom jeynISlu' je).  ngoQvam mIgh DaneHbej'a'?

You keep saying you don't want to see Klingon diverge, but you also keep
saying you want someone other than its creator to develop it.  The only way
I can see both of those desires happening at the same time is if someone
wrests control of the language from Okrand -- and, not incidentally, from
Viacom -- and runs with it on his own.  I really hope that's not what you
want, but if it isn't, your actual goal eludes me.

yIqIm:  Quj wIghaj.  chutmey ghaj Quj.  batlh maQujmeH chut DIpabnIS.  nap
chut wa'DIch:  tlhIngan Hol 'ogh Marc Okrand.  nap je chut cha'DIch:
tlhIngan Hol 'oghbe' latlh.

Quj 'oH'a' tlhIngan Hol'e'?  HIja' jay'!  Quj'a' Dunqu' 'oHbej, 'ach Quj
'oH 'e' vItembe'.  (Holtej, HIpIchQo'.)  yIbuSchu': rapnISbe' puq Hol,
QujmeH Hol je.  puq Hol 'oHbe'qu' tlhIngan Hol'e'.  vuDwIj yISov:
ghojlu'meH Hol 'oH.  tIvlu'meH Hol 'oH.

ghojlu'meH QaQ jajvam.

Look -- [most of] the KLI membership has accepted the fiction that Klingon
is a real language about which we have incomplete information.  The only
person with access to an informant is Marc Okrand; the rest of us are
unqualified to invent vocabulary or grammar.  You complain that Klingon is
a "toy language" -- but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  I definitely
consider it a toy language (sorry, d'Armond) compared to typical natural
languages.  However, toys don't have to be children's playthings!  Just as
I use toys like Frisbee flying discs and miniature golf clubs and board
games for recreation, I'm not ashamed to use a "toy" language in order to
have fun.

And in the end, that's what I'm doing:  having fun.

>I'm as opposed to
>lingual divergence as the next guy, which is why I don't really want to
>"go away and do my own thing", and why I think the KLI is the perfect
>vehicle for continuing development; it's already well established as *the*
>source for Klingon language information, it's *the* respository for new
>words, it publishes the only books written in and about the language aside
>from Okrand's specific work.

cha' potlh vImaqnIS.  wa':  tlhIngan Hol De' mung'e' 'oHbe' tlhIngan Hol
yejHaD'e'.  nIteb mung ghaH Marc Okrand-'e' 'e' luHar HochHom KLI
jeSwI'pu'.  cha':  tlhIngan Hol paqmey lIngbej latlh.

1 - The KLI is not a "source" for information on the language.  It is an
organization with the goal of *collecting* and *distributing* that
information.  The only true source is Marc Okrand (with some more liberal
interpretations accepting anything from a Paramount/Viacom authorized

2 - There indeed are other sources of published books in and about Klingon.
I've not seen a catalog from the Interstellar Language School in many
years, but they did offer textbooks and other materials.  Perhaps you've
heard of "Good News for the Warrior Race" or "Homlet"...or perhaps you

>Well, right now, Okrand *is* the committee, and we're all having run,
>right?  So if we did have a tribunal at the KLI, how would that take away
>from peoples' fun?  :)

Here's one point nobody has yet made clear:  We have an implicit goal of
making sure it's possible for someone to learn to speak what we consider to
be intelligible Klingon using only the Okrand-written materials.  The KLI
member base is not yet large enough for us to presume to be the One True
Way of tlhIngan Hol.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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