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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

> > /paghmo' tIn mIS/ is the name of the KLI's second Shakespearean
> > "Much Ado about Nothing."  I apologize for not marking it as a proper
>qay'be' -- what is the proper marking for proper nouns in tlhIngan Hol?
>I've seen the prefixed *, but what if it's a phrase, like this?

Degh DaneHbogh lajlu'.  ram.

> > > Hol pIq bonabbe'chugh QIt Hegh Hol 'e' Danabbej.
> >
> > pIq Danabpu'bogh parchugh vay' Qoch 'e' Dachaw''a'?  qar 'Iv?
>'e' wIwuqnISba'.  rIp quv wIchenmoH 'e' vIchup.  chaq wej 'oSwI'
>muvmoHlu''a'?  chaq Qu'vamvaD { Lawrence }, { d'Armond }, { Krankor } je

jIH.  jIH'e' vIwIvnISlu'.  Hol HI' vImoj 'e' vIqotlh.  Hoch vISeHchu'!!!

>{ Okrand } vISovbe'.  vaj vIghellaHbe'.

Okrand vISov.  rIp chenmoHlu' 'e' SaHbe'bej.  tlhIngan Hol yejHaD jeSwI'pu'
neH tu'lu'be'.  tlhIngan Hol yejHaD vIparchugh 'a tlhIngan Hol
vIparHa'chugh, Hol vIlo' 'e' tungHa' Okrand.  HochvaD Hol chenmoH Okrand.

> > nab chennISmoH 'Iv?  'ej nab chenmoHlu'chugh, qatlh Marc Okrand SaHlu'?
>lI'be' { Okrand } vIja'be' vIquvHa'moHbe'mo'.

Working with words of speech is a little different than other words.  The
topic is brought up in section six of TKD, and Okrand has said more about it
(published in an issue of HolQeD, but I don't have my references handy now).

When using /jatlh/ or /ja'/ (the only acknowledged words of saying), a
quotation is a separate sentence that is pushed against the sentence
containing the word of saying, on either side.  The quotation is NOT the
object of the word of saying.  For instance:

lI'be' Okrand jIjatlhbe'
jIjatlhbe' lI'be' Okrand
I didn't say that Okrand is useless.

The sentences are /lI'be' Okrand/ "Okrand is useless" and /jIjatlhbe'/ "I
didn't say."

The correct object of the word /jatlh/ is either a language (e.g., /tlhIngan
Hol vIjatlh/ "I speak Klingon") or a speech or address or something along
those lines (e.g., /SoQ vIjatlh/ "I gave a speech").  We don't have a lot of
evidence of what the correct object of /ja'/ is (since the definition is
broad and the examples could all be suffering from the prefix trick).  I'm
perfectly willing to believe that the object can be the thing told, like
/jatlh/ (e.g., /lut vIja'/ "I told a story").

>  tlhIngan Hol chenmoHwI'
>ghaHbej 'ach nugh potlh law' wa' nuv potlh puS.  Hoch Sovbe' { Okrand }.
>vaj chay' mu' chu' Sovbe'bogh chenmoHlaH?  Doch law' SovlaH rIp quv.

Hol nIv'e' nejbe'taH tlhIngan Hol yejHaD.  tlhInganna' Hol nejtaH.  chaq nIv
Hol'e' chenmoHbogh rIp, 'a tlhIngan Hol chenmoHbe'.  rIp Hol chenmoH.

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