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Re: Klingon WOTD: wagh (v)

Voragh wrote:
> > Cf. also {lo'laH} "be valuable".  For {qutlh} "be cheap", cf. also
> > {lo'laHbe'} "be worthless".

>Am I correct in thinking there are distinct connotational difference
>between { lo'laH } and { wagh } (and similarly for { lo'laHbe' } and {
>qutlh }?  ie. something could be both valuable and cheap, while something
>could also be expensive and worthless...

I quite agree.  I just put out some related vocabulary to be mindful 
of.  There are many concepts we lack words for, but I'm always surprised 
that, in some areas, we have quite a range of partial synonyms - which may 
not fully overlap with how their English glosses are used (which is why I 
always like to see how Okrand uses them in a sentence).

>Keep in mind, the root { lo' } means "use".  { lo'laH } means valuable in
>terms of "useful", { lo'laHbe' } means worthless in terms of "unusable", no?

We also have {lI'} "be useful" and {lI'be'} "be useless", so {lo'laH} may 
mean more like "useable (can use)" and {lo'laHbe'} "unuseable".

Some more vocabulary and examples:

lo'  use, make use of (v.)

lo'  use, worth (n.)

lo'Ha'  waste (v.)
- HoS lI' Dalo'Ha'chu'
   You are a total waste of good energy! PK

[Note:  For {lo'Ha'} in the sense of "mis-use", we have the verb {ghong} 
"abuse" and the homophonous noun {ghong} "abuse".]

lo'laH  be valuable (v.)

lo'laHghach  value (n.) [TKD 4.2.9]

lo'laHbe'  be worthless (v.)
- vIlo'laHbe'
   They are useless to me. I cannot use them. TKD
- leghlaHchu'be'chugh mIn lo'laHbe' taj jej
   A sharp knife is nothing without a sharp eye. TKW
- lo'laHbe'; chetvI' chIm rur
   worthless as an empty torpedo tube KGT

lo'laHbe'ghach  worthlessness (n.) [TKD 4.2.9]

lI'  be useful (v.)
- Qu'vaD lI' De'vam
   This information is useful for the mission. TKD
- Qu'vaD lI' net tu'bej
   One certainly finds it useful for the mission.
   One will certainly observe that it is useful to the mission. ST3/TKD
- HoS lI' Dalo'Ha'chu'
   You are a total waste of good energy! PK
- lI' 'e' Datu'
   You will find it useful. PK
- lI'qu' tlhIngan may' taj
   The Klingon battle knife is designed primarily for versatility of use. SP2

lI'be'  be useless (v.)
- wa'maH yIHmey lI'be'
   ten useless tribbles CK

Voragh                            "All the meaning is in the context."
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons           (Ilya Kabakov, Russian artist)

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