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RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey

ghItlh DloraH:

>>.. Indeed, I still feel that Okrand
>>might believe we're all a bunch of loonies that he humors with the
>>occasional new word.  I seriously doubt he's developing it actively.

>I have wondered about this a few times.

Oddly, I hadn't really thought about this before.  I suppose I half-believe 
myself that the fans who appear at cons _dressed_ like Klingons, with makeup 
and masks, and seem to half-believe they _are_ Klingons, are a bit loony.  
(Though I admit to a secret desire to show up as a Vulcan, or better a Borg; 
I just don't have the build for a Klingon.)

My rationale behind learning Klingon is simply that I've been out of 
graduate school for two years trying to pay off some angry student-loan 
organizations while the knowledge behind my Biology B.S. grows more out of 
date and my brain rusts while I labor in menial jobs.  It's purely a 
question of intellectual stimulation.  Nonetheless I admit that I become 
frustrated when I think of some simple, useful, everyday sentence like "How 
fast will it go?" and find that there's no idiomatic way of saying it.


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