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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, David Trimboli wrote:
> From: "...Paul" <>
> > My question now is, what's the future of Klingon, and who is driving it?
> > What evolutionary path will it take?  Will it remain a toy language or
> > will it begin to take on a life of its own?
> ghuy'cha'!  Hol ram 'oH tlhIngan Hol'e' chay' 'e' DaHarlaH?  Hamlet'e'
> mughlu' rIntaH jay'!  paghmo' tIn mIS'e' lInglu'ta' 'e' vIboQ jIH'e'!
> jatmeyvaD qonpu' ghot law'!

"paghmo' tIn mIS'e' lInglu'ta' 'e' vIboQ jIH'e'" --
"I assisted the production of confusion because of a big nothing?"

mu'tlheghlIj vIyajbe'.

You can transcribe anything in rot13 if you really wanted to, but rot13
will continue to be a "toy encryption".  The BASIC computer language is
still effectively a "toy programming language" -- only through the growth
and development and move towards things like Visual Basic did the language
remain useful.  How many people do you know these days that are learning
to program with

10 PRINT "Hello world"
20 GOTO 10

But if you really tried, you could write just about anything you wanted to
in BASIC.  A hardline, sterile use of the language allows for no growth.
What if tomorrow Okrand got hit by a bus?  Would you have the language
be completely frozen, with no further changes allowed because the only
person with the authority to do so was no longer capable?

> yInbej tlhIngan Hol!

'ach Holvam 'ItlhchoHmoHlu''a'?  nenchoH 'Iv?

> pIq'e' DaleghlaHbogh SoH poQbe'bej tlhIngan Hol.  yIjeS; yInvetlh yImuv.

"Klingon definitely doesn't need you who can see the future."

Hol pIq bonabbe'chugh QIt Hegh Hol 'e' Danabbej.

vay' woQ vInIH 'e' vInIDbe'.  Hol pIqvaD nab QaQ wIchennISmoH 'e'


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