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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

From: "...Paul" <>
> My question now is, what's the future of Klingon, and who is driving it?
> What evolutionary path will it take?  Will it remain a toy language or
> will it begin to take on a life of its own?

ghuy'cha'!  Hol ram 'oH tlhIngan Hol'e' chay' 'e' DaHarlaH?  Hamlet'e'
mughlu' rIntaH jay'!  paghmo' tIn mIS'e' lInglu'ta' 'e' vIboQ jIH'e'!
jatmeyvaD qonpu' ghot law'!

yInbej tlhIngan Hol!

pIq'e' DaleghlaHbogh SoH poQbe'bej tlhIngan Hol.  yIjeS; yInvetlh yImuv.

Stardate 2882.6

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