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Re: qaStaH nuq?

> > Here is what I have to translate: Way too much for a beginner.
> >
> > We summon the Klin spirits of blood and fire
> > to lead us into honorable battle.
> > We summon the souls of our ancestors 
> > so they may gather in our hearts to show their bravery.
> > We ask them to vanquish our enemies
> > as they would vanquish us.
> > If we cannot be victorious
> > We beseach they allow us to die with
> > swords in our hands and songs on lips
> > so we may join them in the royal halls of Sto-vo-kor
> > Allow us not to die alone but with our brothers so
> > we may drink the blood drawn from our enemies
> > and live forever.

I thought I would give this a try...

'Iw qa' qul qa' je DIrI',
batlh maQojmeH nuDevjaj.
no'ma' qa' DIrI',
toDujchaj 'angmeH tIqmajDaq ghomjaj.
jaghpu'ma' charghmeH  chaHvaD matlhob.
yantaHvIS ghopmaj 'ej bomtaHvIS wuSmaj,
vaj Sto-vo-qorDaq vaS quvDaq DImuv.
mamobtaHvIS maHeghbe'jaj;
loDnI'ma' DItlhejtaHvIS maHeghjaj;
vaj nItebHa' jaghma' 'Iw wItlhutlhlaH,
'ej mayIntaHqu'.

I'm not sure how to handle "as they would vanquish us."
We recently received a canon spelling of Sto-vo-qor, but I can't remember how 
it goes.  It's not on the new words list; and I'm at work right now, so I can't 
check my database.
We don't have the concept "forever"; all we have are reH and -taH.

Putting this back into english we could end up with:

We summon the spirits of blood and fire.
May they lead us to wage battle with honor.
We summon the spirits of our ancestors,
May they gather in our hearts to show their bravery.
We plead to them to defeat our enemies.
If we are not successful,
May we die,
while our hands weild swords and our lips sing;
thus we would join them in the honored halls of Sto-vo-qor.
May we not die alone;
May we die with our brothers;
thus, together we can drink the blood of our enemies,
and live forever.



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