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Re: qaStaH nuq?

> > What language resources do you have already?
>      I have The Klingon Dictionary and Klingon For
> The Galactic Traveler. That's all. When given an
> assignment to translate something, I look up each
> word up The Klinogn Dictionary and then write them
> down. Most of the time, I can't find the words. 

For all the vocabulary you need TKD, KGT (which you have) and The New Words 
List which can be found on the KLI's website.  
The New Words List are the words we got from Okrand that are not in either TKD 
or KGT.

> (I live in Pittsburgh...).

What part of Pittsburgh?  The Army is going to have me there 31 Jan - 4 Feb, 
and I should be having evenings off.  I'm going to be over near the airport.

>      I think that I am just about as unknowing how
> to properly pronoune it as he is.

That class I gave at Dover Con covered pronunciation.  :)
I know you were at that con.

> It takes me hours to read through what are in these
> digests because I have to look up every word. In order
> to get through the messages, I now just scan through
> and read what makes sense and delete the rest. And I
> am still 20 digests behind. 

When I first joined the list, it took me hours to read only some of the 
messages, and I only read the english messages and messages which had only one 
or two klingon sentences in it.  Any more than that and I would put it in a 
holding folder so I could go back to it later.  I never did make it back to 
those messages.  
Now, I read all the messages and I read the klingon almost as fast as the 
english.  It took me years to get here.  But that's ok; the reward is I learned 
much more than just the klingon language.

> I may just resign as linguist because of the extreme difficulty of this
> latest task from the CO.

No, don't do that.

DloraH, 'utlh

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