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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

>From: "...Paul" <>
>Basically, making up new words is generally bad.  We're not allowed.
>Making compound nouns is bad.  We're not allowed to do that, either.
>But are we allowed to start building our own idiomatic speech?  Most
>of the English terms used in computer science are effectively
>idiomatic uses of existing words:  procedure, function, pointer,
>stack, queue, list, reference, counter, object, class, structure,
>union...  Really, there are very few additions to the language.  Since
>Klingons obviously have computers, and obviously they're advanced,
>it seems like we should be able to discuss computer science using the
>language.  While I suppose it's possible Klingons could've invented
>a completely new word for "virtual class", isn't it just as likely
>they would've just started using existing language constructs and
>words to describe such concepts?

Did YOU coin the special meanings of the words "stack," "queue," and so 
forth in English?  If you did, I see no reason why you can't do so in 
Klingon too.

If you didn't, then what makes your decisions for new idioms like that 
binding?  What if *I* wanted to challenge your choices?  I'm a grammarian, 
you're not.  Do I win?

That's why we can't do it outside individual posts.  We're supposed to be 
studying Klingon, not inventing it.

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