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RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey

> So now if I want to discuss the intricacies of software design in Klingon,
> I'm limited to either constantly redescribing these concepts,...

If you're talking to the same people over and over (within your own circle
of friends) they're going to catch on, and without intending to you will
create some idiomatic phrases.  Sometimes you will see idioms here on this
list that are not canon, created over time, unintentionally.  Even in your
native language, you and your close friends or co-workers come up with your
own slang and idioms; some perhaps stemming from inside jokes or something.
It happens; and because it's not offical, people outside the group won't
understand.  Programmers know what a stack is; they're all part of that
programming family.

But as a grammarian I have to say we shouldn't make up any new words,
phrases, idioms, slang, etc, etc.

> Question -- How did we get all the words relating to aircraft terminology?
> They appear to have come from Okrand all at once, did someone petition him
> to canonize most of the important concepts?  Is there an acceptable method
> for evolving the language to cover concepts Okrand is not likely to ever
> spontaneously canonize?

There exists the organization The Klingon Language Institute.  How does this
organization exist?  People volunteer their time and efforts.  Sometimes
their names go without mention.  One form of recognition is what is called
The Friends of Maltz.  Along with a certificate, they also have the
privilege of requesting a word from Maltz; tho many times we end up
receiving more than just a word.  One of the Friends of Maltz is a pilot...

> PS>  Any non-English software engineers out there?  How do French
> engineers refer to the idea of a "stack"?  How do Russian engineers refer
> to a "queue"?  I'd be interested to know if those languages use the
> English ad hoc, or if they just translated the English word into a similar
> word in their own language...

Quvar, you're from Europe and play with computers.  Enlighten us.


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