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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 04:43:29PM -0500, DloraH wrote:
> But as a grammarian I have to say we shouldn't make up any new words,
> phrases, idioms, slang, etc, etc.

That's what I intended to say with my first post: Just describe what
the thing is doing - don't translate an idiom.

> > PS>  Any non-English software engineers out there?  How do French
> > engineers refer to the idea of a "stack"?  How do Russian engineers refer
> > to a "queue"?  I'd be interested to know if those languages use the
> > English ad hoc, or if they just translated the English word into a similar
> > word in their own language...
> Quvar, you're from Europe and play with computers.  Enlighten us.

Well, I'm from Germany. Computing started a tad earlier than in the US
and (thus?) German expressions are still being used - which are most
often very close to their US counterparts:

stack 		= Stapel (stack)
queue 		= Pufferspeicher (buffer memory), Warteschlange (queue)

A lot of words like program/function/procedure/variable/constant/type
or class/method are even nearly identically written. I guess here the
two languages are simply too close. Maybe someone speaking russian /
japanese / chinese / french can give us examples?


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