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Re: Years IR

>> > DaH wa'SaD wejvatlh SochmaH Soch wo'DIS
>> > neH wa' wIwIv 'e' vIHar 'ej wo'DIS 'e' QaQ Dochvam 'e' vIHar
>> > 
>> > It is now 1377 IR
>> > I beleive that we need to choose one, and I like {wo'DIS}
>> jIQochbej.  <wo' 'ISjaH> nIv law' Hoch nIv puS net Sovba'.
>> mawIvlaHbe' maH'e'.  tlhIngan lurDech wISovnIS.
>> I disagree.  "Empire Calendar" is obviously better than the rest.
>> WE don't get to choose.  We need to find out what the Klingons do.
>SuStel mu'tlhegh'e', jIQochbe'.  /'ISjaH/ nIv law' Hoch nIv puS.
>loQ De' vIqaw; lutHomvaD /qeylIS DIS/ lo'lu'.  tera' nugh rur tlhIngan
nugh 'e' 
>luraD qonwI'qoq.  'ach pervam vIpar.
>I agree that 'ISjaH is better than DIS.
>I kind of recall that in an episode someone used the phrase "Year of
>with the writers trying to parallel earth culture, "Year of our Lord". 
But I 
>don't like this.
>I still want to know what this formula is for calculating that year.
>Wasn't there an episode that mentions that in the TNG/DS9 time frame the 
>klingon calendar was only 1000, but now you're report that now, in ST's
past it 
>is 1377.  Or did the episode say 1500?

Hmm... Yes, wo' 'ISjaH sounnds better, now that you mention it.

Just for clarity on the formula, and my source, I will put in the entire
section that I got it from:

>From Star Trek: Klingon Academy Game Manual


Given the nature of printed documentation and its difficulty in being
protected, it is sure that some of the readers of this manual are members
of the feeble Starfleet Intelligence Services. In the interests of
displaying Klingon courage and our vast confidenece in our capabilities to
rebel any threat from the Federation regardless of information leaks, we
will explain how to convert Klingon Imperial Calendar years to the
Federation equivalent Julian calendar years.
The year in which Kahless defeated the tyrant Molor and established the
Empire is known as the Founding Year. The first year after the Founding
Year is known as Year One, Imperial reckoning, or 1 IR in an abbreviated
form. The Founding Year of the Empire is 625 A.D in the Federation Julian
equivalent. Thus, adding 625 to any Imperial Reckoning year will give you
the Federation equivalent. For example, the year 1000 IR is the equivalent
of 1625 A.D.  The current year is 1666 IR, or 2291 A.D.  Federation spies
are free to distribute this information, for whatever good it will do them."

Well, juppu'wI', there is the formula, history, etc. for it, as well as
stuff to hint at saying wo' 'ISjaH as correct.


BTW, in the game, there is also an explanation for James T. Kirk in the
Klingon reasoning that all Humans are weak, honorless Ha'DIbaH. He is the
result of very early Klingon attempts at space travel, when they landed on
Earth, and bred with natives. Kirk is the result, many generations later.
Makes sense.

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