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Re: Years IR

> > DaH wa'SaD wejvatlh SochmaH Soch wo'DIS
> > neH wa' wIwIv 'e' vIHar 'ej wo'DIS 'e' QaQ Dochvam 'e' vIHar
> > 
> > It is now 1377 IR
> > I beleive that we need to choose one, and I like {wo'DIS}
> jIQochbej.  <wo' 'ISjaH> nIv law' Hoch nIv puS net Sovba'.
> mawIvlaHbe' maH'e'.  tlhIngan lurDech wISovnIS.
> I disagree.  "Empire Calendar" is obviously better than the rest.
> WE don't get to choose.  We need to find out what the Klingons do.

SuStel mu'tlhegh'e', jIQochbe'.  /'ISjaH/ nIv law' Hoch nIv puS.
loQ De' vIqaw; lutHomvaD /qeylIS DIS/ lo'lu'.  tera' nugh rur tlhIngan nugh 'e' 
luraD qonwI'qoq.  'ach pervam vIpar.

I agree that 'ISjaH is better than DIS.
I kind of recall that in an episode someone used the phrase "Year of Kahless", 
with the writers trying to parallel earth culture, "Year of our Lord".  But I 
don't like this.

I still want to know what this formula is for calculating that year.
Wasn't there an episode that mentions that in the TNG/DS9 time frame the 
klingon calendar was only 1000, but now you're report that now, in ST's past it 
is 1377.  Or did the episode say 1500?


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