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Comp Sci Theory in Klingon...

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, David Trimboli wrote:
> From: "...Paul" <[email protected]>
> > > > But how might I describe "push" or "insert"
> > >
> > > TKD p148  "push" (v) - yuv
> >
> > Hmm, I'm not inclined to use that.  In English, "push" can mean several
> > things, all based on context.  Most of the connotations are physical,
> > "I push the button", "He pushed me down the stairs".  But some are not.
> > "He's pushing to get his bill ratified in Congress."  It may still be
> > appropriate.  "I pushed the value onto the stack..."
> Why not use it?  In English it's jargon for you, and we don't have Klingon
> jargon for programming.  The English is derived from a metaphor, so why not
> use the same metaphor in Klingon?  You'll have to warn the reader or
> listener, though, that you're making up your own jargon.

Good point, although that's exactly why I was looking for a good way to
describe it without jargon.  I think something such as { wa'DIch 'oHmeH
DalannIS } is just as good (if that's legal ;), if not as succinct, but
avoids the whole jargon concept.

> tetlh
> roll, scroll, list

Yeah, yeah, I'm an idiot, I know.  ;)

Hmm...  I'm kinda surprised I can't seem to find anything for the verb
"stack" or the noun (adjective?) "pile".  I would've thought Klingons
would have a simple way of saying "Pile the bodies over there."  :)
How would you describe a "pile of bodies" or a "stack of plates"?


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