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Re: Referencing sequence and order in tlhIngan Hol

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Steven Boozer wrote:
> ...Paul wrote:
> >         I've seen {HIDjolev} for "menu", but what would be appropriate
> >for "list"?  {patlh Hoch} just isn't satisfying for some reason...  :)
> Use {tetlh} "roll, scroll, list" (KGT).  Known types of {tetlhmey} include
> {naD tetlh} Commendation List (KGT), {Soj tetlh} "grocery list"
> (st.klingon) and {'ay'mey tetlh} "technical callouts" [i.e. "parts list"]
> (BoP Poster).
> Another noun to keep in mind is {mem} "catalog" which is a type of ordered,
> classified list.

More doh.  I completely missed that in my copy.

> PS:  If you subscribe to the Digest, don't forget to paste the Subject
> you're responding to into the Subject line of your outgoing
> message.  Otherwise, we'll only see something like

Yeah, yeah, so maybe I'm not operating on all cylinders these days.  ;)
I actually unsub'd from the digest and resub'd to the regular list so that
shouldn't be an issue anymore -- plus it was annoying having to edit out
1000 lines of other people's conversations just to reply.  :)

qatlho'.  DaHjaj jIH val law' wa'Hu' jIH val puS.  choghojmoHba'.


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