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RE: Years IR

jatlh Voragh:

>For "reckon" use {SIm} "calculate"; {togh} "count" also works.  A 
>"reckoning" is a {SImmeH mIw} "procedure/process for calculating" or 
>{toghmeH mIw} "procedure/process for counting".  Thus, {tlhIngan wo'
>mIw} "Klingon Imperial reckoning", etc.
>Instead of an unwieldy literal translation, the simplest equivalent would 
>be "Imperial Date", but we don't know how to say "date".  (In some 
>contexts, {jaj} "day" or {poH} "period of time" works, but not here.)  The 
>best I can come up with is {wo' 'ISjaH} "Imperial calendar" or just {wo' 
>DIS} "Imperial year".  You could contrast these with the {DIvI' 'ISjaH} 
>"Federation calendar" or {DIvI' DIS} "Federation year".
>Yet another tack would be to use {HovpoH} "stardate" as a model and say 
>something like *{wo'poH}  Empiredate".  Although it looks ugly, it does 
>parallel {HovpoH} nicely and would probably work for the purposes of the

DaH wa'SaD wejvatlh SochmaH Soch wo'DIS

neH wa' wIwIv 'e' vIHar 'ej wo'DIS 'e' QaQ Dochvam 'e' vIHar


It is now 1377 IR
I beleive that we need to choose one, and I like {wo'DIS}

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