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RE: Years IR

Se'noj asks:

>I was wondering how to say "Imperial Reckoning" (The tlhIngan AD equivalent)
>I already know the formula to get the year (AD - 625), I got this from
>Star Trek: Klingon Academy, but I cannot find a way to say it in tlhIngan Hol

For "reckon" use {SIm} "calculate"; {togh} "count" also works.  A 
"reckoning" is a {SImmeH mIw} "procedure/process for calculating" or 
{toghmeH mIw} "procedure/process for counting".  Thus, {tlhIngan wo' SImmeH 
mIw} "Klingon Imperial reckoning", etc.

Instead of an unwieldy literal translation, the simplest equivalent would 
be "Imperial Date", but we don't know how to say "date".  (In some 
contexts, {jaj} "day" or {poH} "period of time" works, but not here.)  The 
best I can come up with is {wo' 'ISjaH} "Imperial calendar" or just {wo' 
DIS} "Imperial year".  You could contrast these with the {DIvI' 'ISjaH} 
"Federation calendar" or {DIvI' DIS} "Federation year".

Yet another tack would be to use {HovpoH} "stardate" as a model and say 
something like *{wo'poH}  Empiredate".  Although it looks ugly, it does 
parallel {HovpoH} nicely and would probably work for the purposes of the game.

Voragh                            "All the meaning is in the context."
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons           (Ilya Kabakov, Russian artist)

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