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RE: Years IR

>>> I was wondering how to say "Imperial Reckoning" (The tlhIngan AD
>>> I already know the formula to get the year (AD - 625), I got this from
>>> Trek: Klingon Academy, but I cannot find a way to say it in tlhIngan Hol
>>Daj.  mI' mIwvam yI'ang.
>>yIqaw; rapbe'  tera' DIS poH  Qo'noS DIS poH je!
>>Interesting.  What is this formula?
>>But remember; the time periods for a earth year and a klingon year are not
>>the same!
>It said that something Kahless (can't remember what, will look up when I
>get home) did was in the year equivalent to our AD 625, and this is when
>they set their "0" year.  The formula is years (AD) minus 625, making this
>year 1377 IR.

OK, I just checked the book, and here's the quote:

"The year in which Kahless defeated the tyrant Molor and established the
Empire is known as the Founding Year. The first year after the Founding
Year is known as Year Oner, Imperial Reckoning, or 1 IR in an abbreviated
form. The Founding Year of the Empire is 625 A.D. in the Federation Julian
equivalent. Thus, adding 625 to any Imperial Reckoning year will give you
the Federation equivalent. For example, the year 1000 IR is the equivalent
of of 1625 A.D. The current year is 1666 IR, or 2291 A.D. Federation spies
are free to distribute this information, for whatever good it will do them."
Star Trek: Klingon Academy (Manual)

I can see about the year length differences, or does Qo'noS orbit it's sun
at the EXACT distance that tera' does, at the same speed. Oh, the high odds.

BTW Sorry if this sent twice, qab rarghach jay'

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