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Re: peD

> For the concept "all day," I would use the aforementioned suggestion of
> {qaStaHvIS X}.  In this case, {qaStaHvIS pem naQ} would mean all day during 
> the daylight hours and {qaStaHvIS jaj} would mean a 24-hour period from
> dawn to dawn.
> Thus, I am disagreeing with using {Hoch} at all.  That would mean "each
> day, every day."  {naQ} indicates a "whole" amount.

Hoch jaj / Hoch jajmey - all days / each day

jaj naQ = naQbogh jaj  "a day which is whole";  as opposed to the astronomical 
phenomena that we have once in a while that gives us a day which is incomplete?

jaj Hoch - all of the day

qaStaHvIS jaj Hoch / qaStaHvIS pem Hoch ...

There were two pies:  naQbogh chab, naQbe'bogh chab.
Fred ate all of one of the pies.  Which pie did he eat?
naQbogh chab Hoch Sop'a'?  naQbe'bogh chab Hoch Sop'a'?


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