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KLBC - mu'tlheghmey Qav

Quvar, 29.10.:
Try to translate "Identify the vessel which you use in order to travel."
Duj lengmeH Dalo'bogh yIngu'

Quvar, 7.11.:
Your language skill has probably improved. Try that one.
tlhIngan HolwIj vIDubbejlI'
I am undoubtedly improving my tlhIngan Hol.

'o'vo' DalaDchugh *Horak* DIvI' juH'a'wIj pong *QaroH* 'oH
QaroH is my official house name *Horak* if you read it from the end.

My mistakes which are corrected
QaghmeywIj lughlu'bogh



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