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Re: KLBC: Worst-Case Scenarios

From: "Qov" <>
> At 05:01 02-11-08 -0500 lab Quvar,
> >ghItlh maQ:
> > >Stop, thief!
> > >yImev nIHwI'!
> >maj.
> I believe that "Stop thief" is less an order to the thief, and more an
> order to bystanders, i.e. "Stop the thief"  If you say it in English
> understand why the "the" would be elided in a quickly shouted command.
> So I would lean more to nIHwI' mev

And *I* would say that the "Stop!" is a command to the thief, and "Thief!"
is a call to bystanders, identifying the thief.

In any case, all of these variations come out the same way in Clipped
Klingon (with differing opinions on punctuation):

mev!  nIHwI'!

Stardate 2854.6

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