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Re: qaStaH nuq?

maQ wrote:
>Welcome to the list, K'moghjIH!  Besides yourself, I'm the newest member, 
>and I've just begun learning tlhIngan Hol myself.  But if you need quick 
>help, just include "KLBC" in the subject line to alert Quvar, the Beginner's 
>Linguist.  (KLBC stands for Klingon Language Beginner's Conversation.)

What can I add? :-)

Welcome to the list, K'moghjIH!
My name is Quvar, and as maQ already said, I am the current Beginners' Grammarian, which means the 
people who did it before me have decided you can trust me to evaluate your work. Include the letters 
"KLBC" in the subject line of a message, it marks it as a beginner level topic. This may be a 
question for me, or just conversation with other beginners in general. KLBC is not limited onto to 
participation by beginners, though! Anyone may contribute. The rule here is that the first person 
allowed to discuss the grammar of a KLBC post is the BG (me). Once I've gotten through with it, if 
there are any corrections or additions you think of, go ahead and post. This keeps the beginner's 
confusion down to a minimum.

What language resources do you have already?

The two most important web sites to be aware of, if you are not already:

The Klingon Language Institute

This list's FAQ:

Now go ahead, and write something in klingon! 
Just try, and don't be afraid to do mistakes. I'm sure you will do mistakes, everyone does. And 
that's how you learn! If possible, you should also include what you were trying to say, in English. 
This will make it easier for me to make sure that you say what you are trying to say.

I'm looking forward to your first message! }};-)

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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