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KLBC: Worst-Case Scenarios

These useful traveler's questions are taken from the back of the Worst-Case 
Scenario Guide for travel.  There are some others I can't find the 
vocabulary to ask, and some of these contain expressions whose validity I'm 
in doubt of.  Other than that, I think I have them correct.

Several of these have been modified for usefulness in Klingon space.  For 
instance, "would you please?" requests have been translated into imperative 
format.  Thus not all of them are verbatim.



Stop, thief!
yImev nIHwI'!

Is there a doctor/pilot in the building?
qachDaq ghaH'a' 'e' Qel?
qachDaq ghaH'a' 'e' 'orwI'?
(Also in the original: lawyer.)

I have been seriously wounded.

Would you please take me to a clean hospital?
ropyaH Say'Daq HIlup!

Is this safe to eat?
SopmeH mujochbe'?

Why is this water green/brown/black?
qatlh SuD bIQ?
qatlh Doq 'ej wovbe' bIQ?
qatlh qIj bIQ?

Please do not injure me.

I am sorry--I did not mean to offend you.
qamawta' vInehbe'.

Do not make me angry.

I do not wish to hurt you.
qarIQmoH vInehbe'.

Where is the nearest embassy?
Where is the nearest hospital?
nuqDaq ghaH 'e' naDev qachvaD 'oSwI'?
nuqDaq ghaH 'e' naDev Say'?
(Also in the original: airport/police station.  I don't have a word for 
"near"; the *naDev* may be a bad construction.  I translated "embassy" as 
"building for emissaries".)

I'm not going to tell you.

How fast can this ship travel?
Do 'ar lo' Duj?
(I'm not sure how to ask "how fast".  I thought about *-Daq* but I doubt 
whether it would express the metaphorical idea of traveling "at a speed".)

How quickly can you leave?
ghorgh majaHlaH?

Do you know a place where I can hide?
nuqDaq jISo'laH?

How far is it to the border?
nuqDaq ghaH 'e' veH?
(I may need to add something else or use a different word for "national" or 
"territorial boundary".)

You will never make me talk.
not qajatlhQo'!


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