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Tonight we played a game we designed last time.

Each person has a card that says HevwI' on one side and vangwI' on the other.
A verb is chosen.
The person who is going first counts: "wa' cha' wej" then everyone either 
puts down their card, either side up, or keeps it in their hand.
The person who just counted addresses the person to his left.  He looks at 
the cards on the table and describes the situation, using the correct 
prefix and the chosen verb.
For example, the verb is jon, it is A's turn, and A has HevwI' showing.  To 
his left, B has no card, C has vangwI' and D has HevwI'.

A addresses B.  There are two HevwI'pu', and the speaker is one of them, so 
there is a second person plural object.  There is one vangwI' and it is 
nether the speaker nor the addressee, so there is a third person singular 
subject.  A says "nujon."

The turn then passes to the left.

If no vangwI' is played, then the -lu' suffix is used.

If no cards at all are played, everyone laughs, and usually someone throws 
a card on the table.

We tried another variation when everyone had to describe the situation to 
every other person before the cards were changed.  I tended to lose track 
of whose turn it was, but I had been up since 4, so maybe that was the problem.

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