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RE: Frasier

>> I think that "Shoave" in the captions rhymes with "Shrove" (not 
>> "shove", which would be a different vowel) and is supposed to 
>> be a phonetic spelling of {Sov}.  Although I didn't hear it, if 
>> some people heard an extra syllable following {Sov}, it may be 
>> that Grammer paused slightly after the word, adding an "uh", or 
>> was confused by the final /e/ in the transcription.
>> If Okrand didn't write this - and it's pretty good (certainly 
>> much better than anything we've seen the Trek writers do!) - 
>> whoever did probably used existing vocabulary, and didn't try 
>> inventing a new word *{Sov'a'} "wisdom".

> Invent a new word?
> Sov is a verb AND A NOUN.  (in the addendum)
> I'm sticking with Sov'a'.

While I see nothing wrong with <Sov'a'>, what I heard sounded more like an
extra vowel accidentally added to the end of a word than a purposeful
<-'a'>. Maybe Grammer slipped into an Italian accent for a second . . . 


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