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RE: Frasier

> Was Okrand mentioned in the credits? 

I looked, and oddly enough, there were no credits shown at all.

> BTW, why was Frasier speaking Klingon at his son's bar mitzvah anyway? 
> I would have thought he would have attempted something in Hebrew.

He wanted to say the blessing in Hebrew.  The trekkie found out and mentioned 
that he could teach him the Hebrew (really); but Frasier had to do a favor.  
There was a STcon in the area and he wanted Scott B's signature to make his set 
complete.  He couldn't go himself because he had a restraining order from 
Shatner.  Frasier tried, but failed (traffic).  Because Frasier did not keep 
his word, the trekkie substituted in the klingon words; and of course Frasier 
didn't know this.  He gives the blessing.  The rabbi, confused, says it was 
gibberish.  A boy in the audience called out that it was Klingon.  Later the 
boy translated it for Frasier's son, revealing that it was a real blessing, 
just in the wrong language.

I already mentioned the audio is on my website.  I also have the video, but I 
do not have sufficient space on my site to host it.


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