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Re: wanI' Daj vIDel

Heather Myers wrote:

>qep'a'Daq qaS wanI' taQ. vIja' 'e' vIlIjpu'. *King of Prussia Mall*-Daq 
>maSoptaHvIS tlhInganpu puS jIH je, Doch motlhbe' wIghom. ?Soj bo'DIjDaq 
>veQ ngaSwI' wIchol. ngaSwI'Daq veQwIj vIlan, 'ej SoQDI' veQ ngaSwI', 
><qatlho'> jatlh! not jatlhbogh veQ ngaSwI' vIlegh. qatlh veQ ngaSwI' 
>jatlhmoH vay'? not mev mumer Humanpu'. reH ?Soj bo'DIjDaq veQ ngaSwI' vIqaw.

Hujqu'bej Humanpu'!

Hmm...  ?Soj bo'DIj = food court?!

I've always understood {bo'DIj} to be a court of law, not a type of 
courtyard.  Note that {ghIpDIj} means "court martial".  Try {Soj vaS} 
"(assembly) hall of food".

As for "mall", you could call it a {vaS'a'} "great (assembly) hall" - which 
contains specialized {vaSmey}: i.e. one for food {Soj vaS}, one for 
clothing {Sut vaS}, one for weapons (nuH vaS} (well, maybe on Kronos <g>), 
etc. - or, perhaps, a {vaS tIq} "long hall" depending on the layout of the 

Voragh                            "All the meaning is in the context."
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons           (Ilya Kabakov, Russian artist)

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