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Re: KLBC- Second sentence from Qov's sentences

At 13:41 02-11-05 -0800, you wrote:
> > bIDoj, Gina.  qaqaDqu'DI' bIghojqu'.  yablIjDaq leQHey
> >chu'lu'pu'DI', tlhIngan Hol DaghojchoHbej.
>You are impressive Gina.  You really learn as soon as I really challenge
>I'm still having trouble putting {yablIjDaq leQHey chu'lu'pu'DI'} together.
>I can break it down, but at that point I just get lost.  Here is what i've
>broken it down to:
>your mind (locative)

i.e. "in your mind"

>switch apparent

an apparent switch

>(be new or activate) (indefinate
>subject) (perfective) (as soon as, when)

has been activated

I'd translate it something like: "When some kind of switch in your mind was 
activated, you started learning Klingon, no doubt about it." or "When 
something like a switch in your mind gets turned on, you sure learn Klingon."

>Then I think the last part is "you are certainly learning Klingon." (or
>something along those lines)

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