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Re: KLBC- Second sentence from Qov's sentences

Am 04.11.2002 13:23:27, schrieb "Gina Robertson" <>:

> I helped her slightly and suddenly she became able to construct beautiful
>Slightly she was helped by me and suddenly beautiful sentences were able to
>be constructed by her.
>loQ vIQaH 'ej pay' 'IH mu'tlheghmey chenmoHlaH

I noticed that you prefer hints rather than the answer. That's a good way of learning. 
Read TKD section 4.4 about adjectives. (the first paragraph will tell you what you got wrong)

Something else, which is not "wrong" but needs to be mentioned. Like you wrote it, it's very good, but 
if you want to really stick to the english sentence, you can also translate the word "become" in some 
way. In Klingon instead of "she became able to", we say "she changed to be able to". Here's a hint from 
TKD: "Suffixes of this type indicate that the action described by the verb involves a change of some 
kind from the state of affairs that existed before the action took place."

I'm sure you will find it!

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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