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Re: HIja' and HISlaH

>Personally, I like to think that Valkris was not a native tlhIngan Hol 
>speaker -- i.e. she grew up speaking one of the other "dialects" known >on 
>the Homeworld -- and therefore has a pronounced, though fairly common, 
>regional accent.  (Sort of a a Klingon analog to Chekov or the >Rozhenkos 
>who, though proficient in Federation Standard, clearly did not grow up 
>speaking it at home as attested by their accents.)

That would be consistent with the novelization, which states that Valkris is 
a member of a subculture or race known as the Rumaiy (whereas the dominant 
Klingon culture is Kumburanya).  Of course, the novelization also suggests 
that tlhingan Hol is a lot more complex than Okrand produced, with its talk 
of multiple "substrata", so I wouldn't put too much faith in it.

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