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Re: KLBC: Some Sentences of Varying Difficulty

>ghItlh maQ:
> >I doubt there's Klingon for "Thank you", so...Thank you.

>You're partially right. As a matter of fact, klingons don't *say* "thank 
>you", but there still is an
>expression to show gratitude. It's the word {tlho'}. As a noun, it is 
>"appreciation, gratitude", and
>as a verb it means "thank". So, to say that you are "grateful", you can 
>say {qatlho'} "I thank you".
>[In some books, you might discover *kd'lo* or something similar]. If you 
>thank more than one person,
>you use the according prefix: {Satlho'}
>But we all know that Klingons don't use these kind of words, and if they 
>do, it's not like terrans do.
>Terrans say "thank you" for every little move that someone does. Klingons 
>might use this maybe once in
>their life, to show *real* appreciation; maybe the emperor says this to a 
>brave warrior after he saved
>the galaxy or so.  But it's never used in daily speech.

Agreed.  There's an amusing scene in TNG "The Mind's Eye" that shows one 
Klingon's attitude to the annoying (to Klingons) human habit of over-saying 
"Thank you":

When Captain Picard tells Ambassador Kell "K'adlo" ("Thank you"), Kell gave 
him an odd look, briefly nodded and grunted in reply, then turned and left 
Picard's ready room.

BTW, the spelling *K'adlo* comes from the closed captions.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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