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RE: KLBC: noH Qujmey

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> > Hoch Hogh noH Qujmey vIQuj.  noH Qujmey vIparHa'.
> > --Every week I play war games [paintball -- i couldn't come up with 
> > anything that fit better... a word for 'paint' so i could 
> come up with 
> > paint war games??].  I like war games [paintball].
> KGT tells us that noH is used when refering to a specific 
> war.  veS is used 
> when refering to war in the general sense.  We would use veS here.

Yes!  I knew there was a different word I should have used.  Poor research
on my part.

> On my webpage I use /veS Quj/ to refer to the game in 
> general.  When I describe 
> the game I include /rItlh moQ/ "spheres of paint".  (KGT, 
> rItlh "paint, dye").

I didn't have /rItlh/ or /moQ/ in my Klingon DB.  It's there now!

> > tlhIngan Hol jatlh nuvpu' 'ej noH Quj SuvwI'pu' vInej.
> > --[I know this one is bad...]  I seek people who speak 
> klingon and are 
> > war game warriors.
> For this we want the -bogh suffix.
> tlhIngan Hol jatlhbogh nuvpu'  "people which speak klingon".
> tlhIngan Hol jatlhbogh nuvpu'  veS Quj SuvwI'pu'  je vInej.
> But this doesn't necessarily mean that the people do both.  
> This says "people 
> tht speak klingon and paintball warriors."
> We want to connect both qualities into each person.
> tlhIngan Hol jatlhbogh veS Quj SuvwI'pu' vInej.
> "I look for paintball warriors that speak klingon."

Yes.  That's what I was after.

> > tlhIngan noH Quj tuq vIchenmoH vIneH 'ach SuvwI'pu' vItu'nIS. --I 
> > would like to create a Klingon Paintball team but I need 
> warriors. [I 
> > know this is also weak... suggestions?]
> Actually, this is pretty good.  I might have used Sam instead of tu'.

I actually had /Sam/ in there first... I liked the "sound" of /tu'/ better.
Is there a reason for the difference or is it just more of a preference (two
words meaning the same thing)??

> As for tuq... I've played pball with some good player that I wouldn't 
> necessarily include in my house.  Having someone a part of 
> your house is a 
> serious thing.  Some words that you can choose from:
> tlhach - sect, faction
> boq - bloc, coalition, alliance
> mangghom - army
> wey - company (military term)
> nawlogh - squadron
> Saqghom - landing party
> tIjwI'ghom - boarding party

Yeah... /tuq/ was the first word I came to that sort of fit... I knew there
was something better... probably /wey/.

> > [I know some of these are pretty weak.  I am an avid recreational 
> > paintball player and have always wanted to mix my sport and 
> Klingon... 
> > imagine being able to call out my commands and positions to my team 
> > mates in /tlhIngan Hol/!  It would be a great 'code' and 
> would add an 
> > interesting element to many of the games I participate in.]

> This is how I got started in klingon.  I wanted a "code" for 
> paintball.  One of 
> the guys was a trekkie and showed me TKD.  Now here I am.

Duj!  I would just think that this would be a GREAT way to communicate on
the field.  Of course, I'd have to hold my tem-mates to a lower standard of
pronunciation than I would normally try for...

> DloraH, BG ... a paintball god.

rItlh moQ Qun??? yotlhDaq wItob vIneH! rItlh moQ Qun jIH!  chaq rItlh moQ
yotlh wIchargchuq!  ghap wInID 'ej wIHegh!

[[once I get my website up and running (it will be a paintball info site)
perhaps I'll have to try to do a klingon translated version.  I hope to have
the site up sometime next month and I'll have my info on the membership page
updated then]]



> (I have a small section on my website,)

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