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RE: KLBC: Greetings

> > > loQ tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh 'ej vIghItlh.
> > > I speak and write a little Klingon.
> > 
> > I think the /loQ/ should be put in both sentences.
> Ok.  Probably the whole /loQ tlhIngan Hol/ as well.  No?

You could put the /tlhIngan Hol/ in the second sentence as well but I think the 
context is clear enough to know what the object is.  'But doesn't the context 
clearify the /loQ/ as well?'  Many of us have gotten very good at writing 
klingon but still only slightly speak it.

> > > HolwIj yIHIv!
> > > Attack (criticize) my words!
> > 
> > Your english uses "words", but your klingon uses /Hol/ 
> > "language". mu'wIj tIHIv!  "Attack my words!"
> I should have used /mu'meywIj/ here.

Notice that I wrote /mu'wIj tIHIv/.  Plural suffixes are optional, but we still 
know that this refers to multiple words because of the prefix tI- ["you" 
to "them"].  It is not wrong to include the plural suffix; it's just optional.

DloraH, BG

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