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RE: KLBC: Greetings

> jabbI'IDmeyvam vIjIHtaH.
> I have been monitoring these messages.


> reH Hoch Sayajbe', 'ach rut vay'mey Sayaj.
> I don't always understand everything, but I usually understand some

Sa- is "[I] to [you (pl)]".
Your objects above are "it" and "them".  (I say "it" because Hoch, tho
refers to plural, is grammaticly singular.)

We also have  'op "some, an unknown or unspecified quantity (n)".

> *KLBC* vIghItlh jabbI'IDmeywIj.
> I will mark my messages *KLBC*.

Object-Verb-Subject.  You have /jabbI'IDmeywIj/ in the subject place.

jabbI'IDmeywIjDaq KLBC vIghItlh.

I think this might work also:
jabbI'IDmeywIjvaD KLBC vIghItlh.

> tlhIngan Hol ghojwI' jIH.
> I am a Klingon Language student.


> Samuv 'e' vIbel!
> I am pleased to join you!

... vIbel  "I be pleased it"
/bel/ is an intransitive verb; it doesn't take an object.
For this we want to use the suffix -mo' "because"

Samuvmo' jIbel!  "Because I joined you, I am pleased!"

> wa' ben *KLI* vImuv 'ej jabbI'Idmeyvam vIlaD 'ach jItambe'.
> I joined the KLI one year ago and I have read thes messages but I
> have not posted.

/'ach jItambe'/ ?  "but I am not quiet", "but I do not substitute" ?

Perhaps:  'ach jabbI'ID vIlabbe'  "but I did not transmit messages."

> 'ach jItambe'ta'!
> But I am quiet no more!

"But I have been not quiet!"

For this we will utilize the suffix -choH.
jItambe'choH  "I become not quite"

> DaH jIQumtaH vIneH.
> Now I wish to keep communicating.


> loQ tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh 'ej vIghItlh.
> I speak and write a little Klingon.

I think the /loQ/ should be put in both sentences.

> boQmeylIj vItlho'!
> I thank you for your assistance!

Do you thank our help, or do you thank US because we help you?
choboQmo' qatlho'!

> reH tlhIngan Hol!
> Klingon Language forever!

The klingon is just as incomplete as the english.  (but I think you know

> HolwIj yIHIv!
> Attack (criticize) my words!

Your english uses "words", but your klingon uses /Hol/ "language".
mu'wIj tIHIv!  "Attack my words!"

You did good.  Even tho there were mistakes, I was able to understand what
you wrote.

DloraH, BG

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