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KLBC: Greetings

jabbI'IDmeyvam vIjIHtaH.  reH Hoch Sayajbe', 'ach rut vay'mey Sayaj.  *KLBC*
vIghItlh jabbI'IDmeywIj.  tlhIngan Hol ghojwI' jIH.

Samuv 'e' vIbel!

wa' ben *KLI* vImuv 'ej jabbI'Idmeyvam vIlaD 'ach jItambe'.  'ach
jItambe'ta'!  DaH jIQumtaH vIneH.

loQ tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh 'ej vIghItlh.  boQmeylIj vItlho'!

reH tlhIngan Hol!

HolwIj yIHIv!





I have been monitoring these messages.  I don't always understand
everything, but I usually understand some things.  I will mark my messages
*KLBC*.  I am a Klingon Language student.

I am pleased to join you!

I joined the KLI one year ago and I have read thes messages but I have not
posted.  But I am quiet no more!  Now I wish to keep communicating.

I speak and write a little Klingon.  I thank you for your assistance!

Klingon Language forever!

Attack (criticize) my words!



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