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Hello for the first time

Hello, my name is Jesse and this is my first posting on this honorable 
discussion forum. I write to you from the world’s greatest valley, the 
Central San Joaquin, California!

I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I have been a member of the 
KLI since 2001 and am glad I can now participate in tlhIngan fellowship and 
camaraderie with other speakers via my PC.

Most of my postings will be in KLBC as I am still not proficient in this, our 
mutual tongue, tlhIngan Hol. 

Though I have been short on time in regards to indulging in leisurely 
pursuits in the past, I have spoken to one or two of you through personal 
e-mail and I now hope to be a frequent caller to our communally beloved group 
here in the KLI website.

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