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Re: Help with a short beginner's class in Klingon?

In a message dated 5/28/2002 7:26:51 AM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

> Has anyone here hosted a similar course?

We have not only Klingon 101 the first hour of each Saturday morning there is 
a StarFest at the Holiday Inn at I-70 and Chambers, Aurora, Colorado about 
every six months but also Klingon 201 wherein we go more into depth about 
linguistic structures.  In 101 we present sentneces and tell the basic 
structures and word meanings.  In 201 we talk about the history of the 

Each Saturday afternoon House Valtev of Westminster, Colorado holds language 
lessons.  These are pretty much Audio-Lingual/Total Physical Response 
lessons.  We touch something and talk about it using simple tlhIngan Hol.  
Often we play Fluxx, which Qov introduced to me at a qep'a'.  Sometimes we 
play other card games which encourage us to say things like, "I take one. I 
discard one.  Take four now!" etc.  For these qepHommey I have developed a 

Qov has taught at a free university (or similar setting) in or near 
Vancouver, BC.  I am going to teach at CFU in Denver beginning this fall.  I 
intend to use the simpler of the texts we have put together at House Valtev.


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