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Re: "How fat is he?"

> > I *immediately* came up with what I think is the "right" way to translate
> > it in the context you provided:
> > 
> >   cheb 'ar ngI'?
> >   How much does he weigh?

That was my choice as well.

> Here I utterly disagree.  That simply does not capture the meaning I
> was going for.  "How much does he weigh?" is not at all the same as
> "What is the extent of his fatness?"  Especially given the Klingon
> predilection for accuracy, the correct answer to cheb 'ar ngI' would
> be a number.  I like your previous solution much better.

If you don't want a number, then you should go more directly for what you want:


If you want something that is more than a simple yes/no, but not a number, then 
you ask linked yes/no questions in varying degrees:

ror'a'? rorqu''a'? tlhoy ror'a'?

That or scrap the question construction altogether:

rorlaw'. yIDel!

>         --Krankor


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