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Re: What does the numbers in the stardate stand for?

The Star Trek Encyclopedia CD-ROM defines "stardate" thusly:

   "Timekeeping system used to provide a standard galactic temporal reference,
    compensating for relativistic time dilation, warp-speed displacement, and
    other peculiarities of interstellar space travel. (To those interested in
    the minutiae of stardate computation ... we shamelessly refer you to
    Appendix I in the 1996 edition of our book, _Star Trek Chronology: The
    History of the Future_, by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda.)"

> > cha'SaD wejvatlh SochmaH cha'.  As for how to do the .8, I'm not sure
> > we know for sure (someone please correct me if I've missed something
> > on this topic).

Use {vI'} "decimal point [KGT]" when reading out stardates, warp factors, 
measurements, etc., and {DoD} "mark" for navigation coordinates.

>I believe we've seen exactly that in one of Okrand's Skybox card
>translations of a Stardate!  See below for an example of how it is done.  I
>don't know if this applies to regular numbers.  (You don't say "Stardate two
>thousand, three hundred seventy-two point eight," you say "Stardate
>twenty-three seventy-two point eight" or "Stardate two three seven two point
>eight."  The Klingon seems to do the same thing, at least in Okrand's 

The example is from SkyBox card S33 ("Cloaking Device") discussing Gen. 
Chang's experimental Bird of Prey in ST6, destroyed at Khitomer:

   HovpoH Hut vagh cha' wa' vI' jav Dujvam 'aghlu'pu' 'ach Qaw'lu'pu'
   [This ship was demonstrated on Stardate 9521.6 but it was destroyed.]

Here the numbers are read out individually:  "stardate nine five two one 
point six".

[FYI: The last sentence of the English translation was omitted when the 
card was printed, so I've supplied my own rough version.]

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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