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Re: What does the numbers in the stardate stand for?

From: "Captain Krankor" <>
> cha'SaD wejvatlh SochmaH cha'.  As for how to do the .8, I'm not sure
> we know for sure (someone please correct me if I've missed something
> on this topic).

I believe we've seen exactly that in one of Okrand's Skybox card
translations of a Stardate!  See below for an example of how it is done.  I
don't know if this applies to regular numbers.  (You don't say "Stardate two
thousand, three hundred seventy-two point eight," you say "Stardate
twenty-three seventy-two point eight" or "Stardate two three seven two point
eight."  The Klingon seems to do the same thing, at least in Okrand's

Stardate 2375.1
HovpoH cha' wej Soch vagh vI' wa'.

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