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Re: qa' (was:Re: Ha' (was: Re: help with "Floreat Majestas"))

> Think about the way you'd count attacks. I made three attacks on Fred. I
> made attacks on Fred, John and Jim. Am I in the minority on this? What
> constitutes repetition?

I agree.  If I attack Fred, and then attack John; if I don't specify an object 
and I'm refering to attacking in the general sense then jIHIvqa', but if I do 
specify an object, John vIHIv, I am not attacking John again.  This is my first 
attack on him.

Fred vIHIv
jIHIvqa', John vIHIv.

The jIHIvqa' by itself doesn't say whom I attack.  It could be Fred (again), or 
it could be John.  Without an object, the ACTION of HIv is being done again.  
With an object one refers to the action as it pertains to the object... which 
does go along with what you've been saying all along.

I have not fully thought out your theory, but it does look worthy of looking 
into.  The object DOES come first.


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