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Re: qepHommey - peSap! (call for volunteers) HI!

From: <>

> > Coudl you give me any info
> > as to when they are going to have a get-together in the
> > New York area?  I woould love to hook up with someone that could help em
> > with my Klingon!
> I'm from Rochester.  SuStel I believe is in the NYC area.

qar.  *Albany* yoSDaq qepHom cherlu'chugh, jIjeS 'e' vIqelqangbej.  vaj
'ISjaHwIj vInuDnIS.

*Long Island* vIDab.  *New York City*Daq qaSchugh qepHom, ghaytan jIjeSbej.

That's right.  If someone sets up a meeting in the Albany area, I'd consider
going.  I would need to check my calendar.

I live on Long Island.  If a meeting were to take place in New York City,
I'd be pretty likely to attend.

Stardate 2372.3

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