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Re: qepHommey - peSap! (call for volunteers) HI!

Hi Alan

     Karen Wood here....  I  have been studying the Klingon language for 
some time now, and I enjoy speaking it.  I have found that Klingon is very 
similar to German that I studied in High School.  Coudl you give me any info 
as to when they are going to have a get-together in the albany/Schenectady 
New York area?  I woould love to hook up with someone that could help em 
with my Klingon!

Karen Wood

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>As {qepHom} coordinator, I've been working with specific people off-list
>during the past year.  I think the number of enthusiastic newcomers is now
>great enough that it's time for another rendition of my general
>announcement.  Even if you think you've seen this notice before, please
>don't ignore it this time.  Read it first, and then give it some serious
>thought before deleting it.
>If you're unfamiliar with what a {qepHom} is, see the list of them at
>/stuff/qepHom.html for a brief description and a schedule
>of planned meetings.  If there's one near you, call the host, say you'll be
>there, and offer your assistance.  If none are nearby, this is your cue to
>hold one of your own.
>I commend all of you who have regular {qepHommey}, and all of you who have
>held them in the past.  However, the number of upcoming events has dwindled
>sharply, and that just cannot be allowed.  I've seen many people asking
>recently about wanting to get together with other Klingonists, and
>commenting that attending {qep'a'} isn't likely.  If that's your situation,
>here's what you can do about it.
>yIqIm!  yIbuS!  To each of you and all of you,  peqIm!  pebuS!
>We speakers of the Klingon language are an active and dynamic group, and
>it's up to all of us to keep up the energy.  There are people "out there"
>who are as excited about tlhIngan Hol as you are but do not yet realize
>that there are others with whom they can share their passion.  Find them!
>There are people who do not yet know that they will love this language if
>only they get a taste of it.  Reach them!  There are even those who are
>deeply into Star Trek and who consider knowing how to speak Klingon a
>useful skill.  Seek them as well.
>Remember:  mataHmeH maSachnIS -- to survive, we must expand.
>If you are willing to host a {qepHom} sometime in the next few months,
>there is an honored spot in the upcoming issue of _HolQeD_ for you.  The
>task is not difficult.  Remember that these are "minor meetings" -- they
>are not supposed to be big productions.  The flyers that the KLI can
>provide call them "informal gatherings of Klingon enthusiasts."
>There have been qepHommey held in restaurants, bookstores, college
>classrooms, and even people's homes.  Your job as a {qepHom} host is simply
>to set up and advertise the event, then to discuss with the people who show
>up the reasons you enjoy speaking this language.  Tell them a little about
>the history of the language and where it's going. Have a collection of
>reference books and issues of _HolQeD_ and _jatmey_ out for people to look
>through.  Maybe listen as a group to _Conversational Klingon_.  Practice
>the correct pronunciation of such useful Klingon phrases as {nuqDaq yuch
>Dapol} and {reH Suvrup SuvwI''a'}.  Show off your treasured hardbound copy
>of _Hamlet: the Restored Klingon Version_.  You *do* have a copy, don't
>you?  And tempt the attendees with the possibility of being published in
>_jatmey_, or the possibility that, through study and practice, they can
>become skilled enough to contribute to future books in the Klingon
>Shakespeare Restoration Project.
>I've put a document on the World Wide Web for prospective qepHom hosts to
>read.  Browse and see how
>simple it can be to do some Klingon language outreach.
>So pick a time and place and let me know in the next few weeks.  I will
>need to get your information by early June to be sure it will be included
>in the next issue of {HolQeD}.  All we need right now is a date, a city,
>and a name with a phone number to contact for more information.  As the
>time gets closer, I can help with promotional material and information to
>distribute before and during the event.  Please don't respond through the
>tlhIngan-Hol discussion group, but send your answer directly to me at
>   Alan Anderson, professional programmer and amateur Klingonist
>       qepHom coordinator for the Klingon Language Institute
>qo'mey poSmoH Hol -- language opens worlds -- /

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