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qepHommey - peSap! (call for volunteers)

As {qepHom} coordinator, I've been working with specific people off-list
during the past year.  I think the number of enthusiastic newcomers is now
great enough that it's time for another rendition of my general
announcement.  Even if you think you've seen this notice before, please
don't ignore it this time.  Read it first, and then give it some serious
thought before deleting it.

If you're unfamiliar with what a {qepHom} is, see the list of them at
/stuff/qepHom.html for a brief description and a schedule
of planned meetings.  If there's one near you, call the host, say you'll be
there, and offer your assistance.  If none are nearby, this is your cue to
hold one of your own.

I commend all of you who have regular {qepHommey}, and all of you who have
held them in the past.  However, the number of upcoming events has dwindled
sharply, and that just cannot be allowed.  I've seen many people asking
recently about wanting to get together with other Klingonists, and
commenting that attending {qep'a'} isn't likely.  If that's your situation,
here's what you can do about it.


yIqIm!  yIbuS!  To each of you and all of you,  peqIm!  pebuS!

We speakers of the Klingon language are an active and dynamic group, and
it's up to all of us to keep up the energy.  There are people "out there"
who are as excited about tlhIngan Hol as you are but do not yet realize
that there are others with whom they can share their passion.  Find them!
There are people who do not yet know that they will love this language if
only they get a taste of it.  Reach them!  There are even those who are
deeply into Star Trek and who consider knowing how to speak Klingon a
useful skill.  Seek them as well.

Remember:  mataHmeH maSachnIS -- to survive, we must expand.

If you are willing to host a {qepHom} sometime in the next few months,
there is an honored spot in the upcoming issue of _HolQeD_ for you.  The
task is not difficult.  Remember that these are "minor meetings" -- they
are not supposed to be big productions.  The flyers that the KLI can
provide call them "informal gatherings of Klingon enthusiasts."

There have been qepHommey held in restaurants, bookstores, college
classrooms, and even people's homes.  Your job as a {qepHom} host is simply
to set up and advertise the event, then to discuss with the people who show
up the reasons you enjoy speaking this language.  Tell them a little about
the history of the language and where it's going. Have a collection of
reference books and issues of _HolQeD_ and _jatmey_ out for people to look
through.  Maybe listen as a group to _Conversational Klingon_.  Practice
the correct pronunciation of such useful Klingon phrases as {nuqDaq yuch
Dapol} and {reH Suvrup SuvwI''a'}.  Show off your treasured hardbound copy
of _Hamlet: the Restored Klingon Version_.  You *do* have a copy, don't
you?  And tempt the attendees with the possibility of being published in
_jatmey_, or the possibility that, through study and practice, they can
become skilled enough to contribute to future books in the Klingon
Shakespeare Restoration Project.

I've put a document on the World Wide Web for prospective qepHom hosts to
read.  Browse and see how
simple it can be to do some Klingon language outreach.

So pick a time and place and let me know in the next few weeks.  I will
need to get your information by early June to be sure it will be included
in the next issue of {HolQeD}.  All we need right now is a date, a city,
and a name with a phone number to contact for more information.  As the
time gets closer, I can help with promotional material and information to
distribute before and during the event.  Please don't respond through the
tlhIngan-Hol discussion group, but send your answer directly to me at

  Alan Anderson, professional programmer and amateur Klingonist
      qepHom coordinator for the Klingon Language Institute
qo'mey poSmoH Hol -- language opens worlds -- /

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