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Re: KLBC: {-be'}

qe'San wrote:
>Are you saying this is wrong in English? Admitedly I would probably just
>have used "me" in place of "I". But then I always thought I was wrong..  I'm
>sure we were taught in school that "John and me"/"me and John" was incorrect
>and that, "John and I" was correct. I was taught that to have said "me and
>John" was rude.

"I" is a subject pronoun.  "Me" is an object pronoun.  To figure out which is 
right, take out the "John":

"I went to the park."
"John and I went to the park."

You know *"John and me went to the park" can't be right because *"Me went to 
the park" can't be right.  Adding more subjects to the sentence doesn't 
change the pronoun.  Likewise:

"He saw me."
"He saw John and me."

You know *"He saw John and I" can't be right because *"He saw I" can't be 

Your teacher probably confused you by telling you not to say *"Me and John 
went to the park," as most people sometimes do in casual conversation.  It is 
technically wrong.  "Me and John" is only correct as the object of a sentence 
(usually going after the verb in English).

Just to clear everything up, *"between you and I" is also, indeed, incorrect. 
 It's "between you and me".

tlhoy' Qatlh DIvI' Hol.  'oH ghojlaHmo' vay' jIyay'.


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