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Re: KLBC: Prefix Trick ( was {-be'})

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From: "Jeff Dahl" <>

> jatlh Will:
> >Okrand is very careful about stating these acceptable exceptions. We
> >years before he explained the prefix trick...
> would someone kindly explain the 'prefix trick'?

From Terrance Donnelly's "Klingon Grammar Addenda" at

   The prefix trick: When a verb has a first or second person indirect
object (marked with -vaD), and a third-person object or no object, the
indirect object can be shown by using a verb prefix whose object is the
appropriate person: eg. SoHvaD paq vInob = paq qanob "I give you a book";
HInob "Give it to me!" [MSN, 6/97]

Commentary: The difference between N-N possession and apposition is that in
the former, the more general term comes last, preceded by the more specific,
while in the latter, the more general term comes first. Also, in the former,
the two nouns combine to form a new concept, while in the latter, the two
nouns (or phrases) both refer to different aspects of the same concept (that
is, "Duras's sisters" and "Betor and Lursa" both refer to the same persons).

> Hergh Suy


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