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RE: [KLBC] loQ jIqeqnIS neH

> > > qavan DloraH,
> >
> >Perhaps a , should be put in there because DloraH is not the subject.
> >qavan, DloraH.
> But, doesn't the verb prefix qa- already indicate DloraH isn't
> the subject?

A beginner might think OVS, see /DloraH/ in the subject place and come up
with "I, DloraH, salute you."

> > > 'ej vaj pIj jIqeqnIS 'e' vIwuqta'.
> >
> >TKD p66: ...the second verb never takes an aspect suffix.
> >So we can't have  /'e' vIwuqta'/
> Ok, right... so... /'ej vaj pIj jIqeqnISta' 'e' vIwuq/ then?


DloraH, BG

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