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Re: [KLBC] comparing in tlhIngan Hol

From: <>
> While we're at it, we might also consider {retwIj Sov}
> and {Sov retwIj}, since it can be thought of as "my past's knowledge" as
> as it can be thought of as "the past of my knowledge" or any other word
> arrangement that proves to be most meaningful.

I don't think that /Sov retwIj/ works quite the same.  The Klingon noun-noun
is a genitive construction: the first noun modifies the second.  The
translation of /Sov ret/ would work out as "knowledge's time period ago,"
which isn't quite right, whereas /ret Sov/ would be "time period ago's
knowledge," which is the meaning we're after (though certainly an awkward

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